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Clapham Park Project


bike club repairs

8-18 Year olds

Bring your bike to us and learn how to fix minor repairs. All materials and parts provided free.
Friday 16 th February 2024
1-4pm (Drop in)

Clapham Park Project
1-4 Brixton Hill Place
London SW2 1HJ

JOIN US and get your bike working


Meet Santa at Agnes Riley Gardens Sunday December 10

Winter Fair Saturday 9 December

Celebrating our park Autumn Fair

Autumn Fair

Friends of Agnes Riley Gardens Paddling Pool

Paddling pool

Working with the Council and volunteers, the Friends of Agnes Riley Gardens have been running this paddling pool since 2018. 

Sunday 3rd September 2023 will be its last day of operation. 

Works to the northern part of the playground will be starting during the week beginning 4 th September and will impact on the pool. Work to the pool area itself will commence later in the Autumn with the existing pool being replaced by a splash pad similar to that recently installed at Clapham Common (but smaller in scale). 

The Friends consulted with users of the park earlier in the year about this proposal and there was overwhelming support for a splash pad from those responding. We would like to thank all those who have helped to keep the paddling pool going, giving up their time to fill the pool in the morning (around 2 hours) and to empty it in the evening (around 45 minutes) as well doing repairs to maintain the fragile surface in a safe condition. 

Anu Satpute and Maria Cherifi, Co-Chairs FOARG

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