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Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum


About us

The Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum was set up to provide a constructive forum for residents to voice their views on any specific problems or issues affecting their local neighbourhood, to put forward ideas for community improvement and to support local community activity.

The forum has been involved, over the years, in discussing proposals for a new primary school and secondary school at the Glenbrook site, encouraging residents to participate in the consultation on a potential Controlled Parking Zone in the area, seeking residents’ ideas to be fed into the local ‘Our Streets’ programme, providing a forum for debate on the EU referendum, developing an input to Lambeth’s Local Plan and enabling scrutiny of the new Masterplan for the regeneration of the Clapham Park Estate.

A recent forum responded to concerns about the growing level of violence amongst young people.  That meeting led to action to publicise activities in which local young people could be involved and to securing a small grant from Lambeth Council to fund additional activities in the area.  Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, there have been delays in bringing this forward.  But Autumn 2020 should see progress and details will be provided on this website.

The Forum has also provided support to the local Over 50’s Lunch Club and Coffee Morning, the Clapham Park Community Fun Day and the Friends of Agnes Riley Gardens.  For example, the Friends of Agnes Riley Gardens were helped to raise funds for the community garden and to repair the paddling pool.

Let us know what topics you think the Forum ought to be discussing and what activities it ought to get involved in.

You can do this by contacting the Forum Chair, Diana Morris on 07986 626798 or emailing