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Vision, Mission & Values


Clapham Park Project sees its purpose as continuing to make a direct positive impact on the communities we serve and thereby increasing these communities ability to flourish through enhanced understanding, confidence and empowerment.

The core purpose of C.P.P is to make disadvantaged neighbourhoods a better place to live.  The following three themes emerged from detailed consultation with residents, stakeholders and partners, they were identified as central to C.P.P’s vision:

  • Supporting residents and communities (particularly the most vulnerable and marginalised).
  • Youth and Aspiration
  • Worklessness


C.P.P’s mission is “To help create safe, welcoming and sustainable communities whose members are better able to access the support and help they need, and to develop the skills and confidence to transform their lives.  We seek to help currently disadvantaged communities, and the people in them, realise their full potential”.

We will do this by mobilising and engaging with local people and by seeking funding (public and private) for projects and intervention which facilitate community regeneration, growth and general wellbeing.

Our mission can be summarised as:

“Helping Communities to make Life Better”


We recognise that our values as an organisation will have an impact on both what we do and how we do it.  Our values are written in such a way as to provide us with a set of principles which will help us bring our vision and strategy to life.

Our values, we have 5 key values:

  • Community Focused: We focus our actions on our communities needs; we develop strong self sustaining communities.
  • Trusted: We develop and maintain an environment of openness, trust and integrity; we gain the confidence of our stakeholders.
  • Communicative: We clearly convey information and ideas, we encourage open and continuous communication, we are keen to listen and learn.
  • Results Focused: We deliver on our commitments; we set aspirational goals and work tenaciously to reach or exceed them, we generate innovative solutions.
  • Partnership Working: We recognise that we cannot work in isolation and that we will require the input of similarly minded organisations if we are to successfully address the issues and needs of local communities.