Consultation on proposed Brixton Hill Controlled Parking Zone Update

Last year the council consulted residents in part of Thornton Ward – mainly the Clapham Park Estate area – about proposals to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) where residents and businesses need to have a permit to park on the street.  The consultation came about because residents particularly around the Brixton Hill area have complained over the years about not being able to find parking spaces on the street because the available space was being taken up by vehicles from outside the area.  The proposals were presented to a Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum on 10th October The consultation last… No widget added yet.

Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum News – Proposed New Secondary School at Glenbrook

On Monday 10th October, the Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum met to hear about new developments in the area.  One of these was a proposal to build a new secondary school on the Glenbrook School site on the corner of Clarence Avenue and Clarence Crescent – along with a rebuilt primary school.  James Hadley, the headteacher of the proposed secondary school to be run by the Gipsy Hill Federation (Glenbrook primary is part of this Federation), told residents about the plans for the school.  He referred to the emerging shortage of secondary school places in the borough, the need to… No widget added yet.