Community Organisers

This page is now archived as the community organisers scheme is no longer running.

Since July 2013, Clapham Park Project has been hosting three community organisers (COs) who are funded by a national government programme to train community organisers.

Shelton, John and Lee have been talking to residents of Clapham Park Estate and adjacent areas, finding out what the concerns of residents are. The work of community organisers is based around listening to communities and helping people to take action to improve the local area.

Our team of community organisers has helped set up residents groups, arrange house meetings for people to discuss issues which affect them, helped to reinvigorate the Tenants and Residents Association meetings, and helped residents to stand up for themselves when they feel they are not getting the services they are entitled to.

Shelton will be continuing as a community organiser based at Clapham Park Project over the next year.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for improving the local area or would like to get involved as a volunteer community organiser. You can make a real difference the local community and learn valuable organising skills.


Here are some photos from a project which our COs helped organise. We hope to be completing the renovation of the Bank of Swans beer garden space in the near future.