Food growing in the park

The Friends of Agnes Riley Gardens want to run food growing workshops in the park for local people, young and old, making great use of the polytunnel, the existing raised beds and also the covered growing spaces in the park.

The park is located next to a number of large social housing estates. Clapham Park Estate, just over the road, is being redeveloped and large numbers of people will be moving into the area. There are three primary schools in the immediate area, plus a new secondary school soon to be developed. We already have some very committed volunteers giving their time to gardening in the park and they have told us they would like some support to run weekly gardening sessions which can help people grow some of their own food. We also want to help children better understand where their food comes from.

What we’ll deliver:

  • We will run regular gardening sessions for a year
  • We will plant and harvest crops from our community garden
  • We will educate children about where food comes from and about the benefits of healthy eating

Why it’s a great idea:

This is a great idea because it promotes healthy eating and environmental sustainability. Regular gardening sessions are also a fantastic way for people to come together informally and work together. This helps develop friendships and promotes understanding between people from different backgrounds – it reduces social isolation.

Steps to get it done:

  • Run 5 workshops for local people
  • Grown enough produce to create a community meal in the park
  • Grown enough produce to have a plant sale

What we need, is for you to pledge to support the project; find out more details at and encourage your friends and neighbours to support this project.