Consultation on proposed Brixton Hill Controlled Parking Zone Update

Last year the council consulted residents in part of Thornton Ward – mainly the Clapham Park Estate area – about proposals to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) where residents and businesses need to have a permit to park on the street.  The consultation came about because residents particularly around the Brixton Hill area have complained over the years about not being able to find parking spaces on the street because the available space was being taken up by vehicles from outside the area.  The proposals were presented to a Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum on 10th October

The consultation last year was a preliminary one to gauge the extent of support in the area for controlled parking and the hours during which the controls should operate.  The results of the consultation were broadly supportive of the introduction of CPZ controls. The council has therefore decided to proceed with a formal, statutory consultation which is currently under way.   Because the response rate to the 2016 informal consultation was relatively low, this current statutory consultation is more intensive than is usually the case.  The Clapham Park Neighbourhood Forum meeting on 21st February was provided with an update.  Consultation material has been delivered to all homes in the affected area.  You can find out more details on the council’s website

The deadline for submitting views is now Wednesday 19th April 2017.  Do let the council know what you think.  This is your last opportunity to do so.

Please note the proposed controls would operate only on council adopted roads.  Estate roads such as Plummer Road and Moberly Road would not themselves be subject to the CPZ controls but residents living on those roads would be eligible to apply for the council permits for use on other roads in the area.

If you have any queries that are not answered by the consultation material get in touch with one of your local councillors using the contact details below.
Diana Morris   020 8143 8831   07946 218 617

Ed Davie   07805 942 095

Lib Peck    07946 218 638