Our Streets – Have your say!

Lambeth council has been given a grant by Transport for London which must be spent on improvements in Streatham South / St Leonards / Streatham Wells / Thornton Wards in 2016.  This initiative is known as Our Streets. They need your help in asking residents about the improvements they would like to see in their local area with the funding. If you live or work in Streatham South, Streatham Wells, St Leonard’s or Thornton Ward they would like to hear your ideas for local improvements.

Improvements should focus on environmental enhancements and traffic changes. They could include measures to slow down traffic and help pedestrians to cross the road; improvements for cyclists; repairs to roads and pavements; new bins to help keep the area tidy and trees and flowers to brighten it up.

All ideas will be considered and innovation is encouraged!

How can you help?

They want everyone to have their say and give them their views. The council has designed reply-paid postcards that have been sent to local residents, inviting them to send us their views directly to the council.  Alternatively you can also complete a short response form on our website, send us an email or media message. Click here to complete the online Our Streets survey or email your comments to ourstreets@lambeth.gov.uk.
It would be really good if you and your group could help with this project. For example, you could help by emailing the survey to your members or asking local residents to send in photographs of features on their street that they like or do not like. Ideas with higher support from residents are likely to be prioritised; if you want to hold a meeting with your members / tenants to co-ordinate your group / association replies, please do let the Neighbourhood Enhancement Team know (by emailing ourstreets@lambeth.gov.uk) and they will hope to attend to discuss in more detail.

Please respond Monday 21 December.